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Is a steel structural system for multi-stoney car parks, expandable, renovable and reusable, according to TÜV Nord Cualicontrol certificate (unique in the world). This system guarantees a complete adaptation to the various on the sides and in height; furthermore, a total or partial disassmbly is posible to later reuse the structure in another location. This system allows gaining large parking áreas, quick, eficient and economical construction.


About us

This system has been developed by ANRO over more tan 60 years. We have in specialized in desing, manufacture, and assembly of metal structures of great magnitude and technical singularity, and we have made international relevance works (bridge, footbridge, industrial projects), in general, unique projects of great magnitude and technical complexity.

BMW Ibérica


INDITEX Logistics Centre




N-310, km 100, 13700 Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)

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